Our Online Hub

Embark on a more accessible path to your counselling qualifications!

Explore our convenient Online Training Hub, conducted via Zoom and from the comfort of your own home. Whether you reside far from our UK Hubs or prefer to skip the weekly commute, opting for our online classes provides the perfect solution.

With our Online courses, you will get:

  • Live teaching from experienced tutors
  • Opportunities to practice what you’ve learnt with your classmates
  • Breakout sessions that allow you to hone your counselling skills
  • All the resources you’ll need to complete your course
  • The only thing you’ll have to provide is your own tea and biscuits!

“I am currently completing my level 3. I have had amazing support throughout the course. The tutors are extremely supportive and the course is interesting and informative. Glad l have started this amazing journey.
Loved this course.”

Bernadette Fitch

CPCAB Level 3 student, March 2023

What you can expect

Our high-quality, experiential teaching approach is identical in our Online Hub as in our in-person classes. Given the hands-on nature of all our courses, active participation with a functioning microphone, camera and wifi is essential.

To facilitate smaller group activities and partner work, breakout rooms on Zoom will be utilised, offering plenty of opportunities to sharpen your counselling skills.

Rest assured, in the event that you miss a session or maybe your wifi cuts out, don’t panic! Our comprehensive resource library is readily available to access. So you will always be able to catch up and stay on track with your course!

CPCAB Online

Our Online courses

At Astranti Connect, our aim is to provide the best and most comprehensive CPCAB-accredited counselling courses in the UK, and we are continually developing our courses and training our tutors to achieve that goal.

Take a look at the current courses offered via our Online Hub.

Note: CPCAB Level 4 is only available at one of our nationwide Hubs. This is because CPCAB require Level 4 to be taught in a physical classroom environment, not online. To learn more about completing your Level 4 Diploma with us at our Bristol, Devon, Manchester or Sheffield Hubs, head to our CPCAB Level 4 course page.

CPCAB Level 2 Devon Course

Level 2 – Certificate in Counselling Skills

Perfect for those who are at the first steps of wanting to become a counsellor or simply want to develop their counselling skills.

Level 3 Counselling Course Devon

Level 3 – Certificate in Counselling Studies

Ideal for those who are looking to continue their counsellor training and completed their level 2 course of equivalent.

Level 4 CPCAB Counselling Courses Devon

Level 5 – Diploma in Psychtherapeutic Counselling

Perfect for qualified counsellors looking to start their own practice, specialise in psychotherapy or increase career opportunities.

Level 3 Counselling Course Devon

Level 6 – Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision

Ideal for experienced counsellors looking to take on a supervisory role and support other counsellors.

Need help choosing your course?

If you’re thinking about joining one of our level 2 courses, but still have questions you need answers to, why not book a 1-2-1 call with one of our course advisors?

Our course advisors are on hand to help you with any queries that you may have about our courses, and our 1-2-1 calls are completely free.

To book your call, find a time slot that suits you on our 1-2-1 booking calendars below:

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I’m currently on the Counselling Skills Level 2 course and so far the course has been really interesting. The tutors are welcoming, kind and knowledgeable and we have already learned a lot about active listening skills. They give detailed constructive feedback every week, both written and verbal, on how we are doing. Really looking forward to the rest of the course!

Catherine Razzell

CPCAB Level 2 Student, April 2023

“I have been with Astranti for a course now and have signed up to a second! The tutors and staff are incredible! Would recommend to anyone looking at going into Counselling.

Emma Brown

CPCAB Level 2 Student, April 2022