About Astranti Connect

Who are we?

In short, we are Astranti Connect, a specialist counselling training organisation.

All our courses are designed and delivered by our team of qualified experts and practising therapists, people who understand what is involved in working as an effective & successful counsellor.

We are passionate about counselling and the counselling profession. For us it is more than a job, it’s a way of life!

Our mission statement

Creating confident and effective counsellors who can have a positive impact on others and their communities.

Our philosophy 

At the heart of counselling is the client, the person that needs help. We believe that it is important to attend to every need of the client, their mind, body, emotions and soul.

Our courses reflect this belief, after all, everyone is different and no single approach to counselling will work for everyone. As such, we teach a wide range of methods, focussing on the practical side, meaning you can serve a diverse range of clients and meet their specific needs.

Here at Connect, we see ourselves as being a part of the community. We are active and successful in setting up placement opportunities for our students. Helping you to become the best counsellor you can be!

Meet the team!

Jay Treryth

Jay is a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor working in private practice in Cornwall.

Jay is passionate about working with diversity in the counselling world and has been teaching with us since 2019. Jay also manages the day-to-day business processes & IT needs.

Kirsty Kell

Kirsty is a qualified counsellor working in private practice in Torbay. Kirsty works as a tutor and provides internal quality assurance. Kirsty teaches Level 2 & 3 groups for Connect supporting students as they prepare to move onto the diploma course.
Joyce McGrath
Joyce is a qualified counsellor, therapist and trainer with experience in delivering counselling qualification training.

She was a long-term trainer with Cruse Bereavement Care before joining our team. Joyce works in private practice in Devon and also offers CPD training across the county.

Nicola Menaul

Nicola is a qualified Counsellor with experience in delivering counselling qualification training. She also has her own private practice in West Yorkshire.

During her career, Nicola has worked in psychiatric facilities, addiction centres, and trauma-focused organisations. She is also teaching our level 2 online and manchester courses.

Maria Galani

Maria is a qualified counsellor with over 11 years of experience in mental health. After working in children, Maria has since transitioned to Workplace Counselling, supporting individuals in various organisations.

Maria also runs her own private practice and teaches our level 2 online courses.

Jennifer Mellors

Jennifer is an MBCAP Registered Counsellor. After building a professional background in Sociology, Jennifer found her way to counselling, realising the profound impact of talking therapies and invaluable counselling skills. She has since found a huge passion for teaching others.

Libby Theaker

Libby is a fully qualified counsellor and member of BACP. She also has a teaching qualification and teaches our level 2-3 courses in Sheffield and online.

In addition to teaching, Libby also works as Integrative Counsellor for a charity in Yorkshire and has her own private practice.

Sue Blackburn

Sue is an accredited Psychotherapist with UKCP and has been in private practice as a BACP member since 2015.

She loves working with adults and young people and specialises in working with early trauma and transitions. Sue teaches our level 2-3 courses.

Kate Moseley

Kate is a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor. She has worked as a therapist in charities, hospices, the NHS, and her own private practice.

Her specialisms are trauma, grief and loss, spirituality, ecotherapy and relational psychotherapy. Kate teaches up to our levels 2-6.

Natasha Lusty

Natasha is a fully qualified counsellor teaching the Level 2 and 3 courses online and in Bristol.

Alongside teaching, Natasha works for the NHS crisis team and has a private practice in Gloucestershire specialising in complex trauma.

Are you a qualified counsellor looking to pass on your expertise? Interested in joining our team?

Simply email us your CV along with a covering letter to astranticonnect@outlook.com