CPCAB Level 2 – Certificate in Counselling Skills Course

Our level 2 course

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps towards becoming a qualified counsellor, or simply want to develop your counselling skills to help others at work or at home, then our CPCAB level 2 course is perfect for you!

Our level 2 course teaches you the fundamental skills you need to become a more supportive and empathetic individual, enabling you to better support colleagues, friends and loved ones, while giving you 90 hours of accredited training to go towards the 450 you need to qualify.

At Connect, we believe that counselling is best learned through doing and not through boring lectures and PowerPoint presentations!

Therefore, all our courses are practical in nature, using exercises and discussion to learn, and encourage you to practice your skills as you progress. We believe this ‘experiential’ learning is imperative to developing tangible counselling skills.

Our experienced tutors are committed to supporting you throughout the learning process, providing guidance and assistance at every step, and you’ll get access to our accompanying online video course and course workbooks, meaning you can always revisit key concepts or catch up if you ever miss a session.

You’ll also have access to additional online practice groups, allowing you to further develop your skills outside the standard course hours.

So, whether you’re looking to pursue a career in counselling, improve your job opportunities, or simply develop counselling skills to support friends and family, our level 2 course provides the ideal course for you.

I have almost completed Counselling Skills Level 2. My tutor has been very supportive throughout the course. I have the opportunity to have 1:1 session to check on my progress or discuss any other concerns. Inspiration has been enhanced by the positive comments provided by my tutor as a group and individually about our progression.

I would highly recommend Astranti Connect, they deliver their course to a high standard and are extremely professional teaching staff.

Maria Jenkins

CPCAB Level 2 student, March 2023

“I have really enjoyed this course. The online format has made it possible for me to attend. The teaching has been clear and supportive. I’ve been surprised at how in-depth this level 2 course has been – I feel really well equipped to continue down this path and learn more.

Naomi Mcleod

CPCAB Level 2 student, March 2023

CPCAB Level 2 Course

Focused on you

Experienced counsellors supporting you at every stage

Small group sizes so tutors are always on hand

Added to an active online community for peer support

Level 2 Counselling Course

Flexible study options

Classroom or live online learning to suit your needs

Daytime and evening courses are available

Pay with an instalment option to spread payments

Online Counselling Courses

Study with confidence

Course approved by CPCAB and recognised by BACP

Over 20 years of teaching experience

Supported by the Astranti group with a Trustpilot rating of 4.8

What you’ll learn…

Our level 2 course is focused on giving you the fundamental skills you need to better support the people that matter to you, whether they are work colleagues, family members, close friends or future counselling clients.

Here are just a few of the skills that you will pick up along the way…

“I have really enjoyed the course I have completed. The materials, content and tutor support were all excellent. The feedback provided was timely and constructive. I would happily recommend Astrani Connect, so much so I have already signed up for the next level!”

Cheryl Manning

CPCAB Level 2 student, October 2022

CPCAB Level 2

Learn how to communicate empathetic understanding when supporting those around you

CPCAB Counselling Course

Identify and explore personal issues, fears and prejudices that you and others may have

CPCAB Courses

Help others to identify their needs and concerns and learn why it’s so important to stay focused on them

Level 2 Counselling Course Online

Understand the importance of self-awareness and how your personality may impact the support you give

How our course compares

At Astranti Connect our aim is to provide the best and most comprehensive CPCAB-accredited counselling courses in the UK, and we are continually developing our courses and training our tutors to achieve that goal.

When you’re comparing our course to others, it’s important to consider what our course offers compared to other typical courses. Here’s a comparison against typical course offered by a local college:

Astranti Connect course Typical local college course
Develop counselling skills

Experienced tutors

5+ years of experience

Course workbook

Specialist provider

Qualifying BACP hours

Experiential learning

CPCAB accredited

Additional online practice groups

Online course videos

Payment by instalments

Not as standard
Compare CPCAB Level 2 Courses

How you’ll earn your qualification

Astranti Connect Level 2 Course

The great thing about undertaking a CPCAB course is that it’s recognised nationally and focused on helping you become the best counsellor you can be!

CPCAB courses are formally recognised by BACP (the UK’s leading counselling membership body), so the 90 formal learning hours you pick up on this course will count towards the 450 minimum hours of training required for membership. Membership of an organisation like BACP (or equivalent body) is vital if you wish to become a respected counsellor and work for organisations such as the NHS.

To pass the course you have to prove competence in a variety of key counselling skills. This is primarily assessed practically as you progress through the course – the tutor will gain evidence through observing you demonstrating the skills as you undertake exercises and practical sessions. In addition, during the course, you will complete a learning journal, undertake a self-review of your own learning and write a short essay. These are also used to gain evidence of your competence.

At the end of the course, you will undertake an assessment involving an open-book assignment. This will then be reviewed and assessed by CPCAB.

Once you have demonstrated your competence and passed your assessments, you will obtain your qualification.

Our team of experienced tutors knows what it takes to make it as a counsellor. After all, they’re all qualified counsellors themselves and continue to be trained regularly in our tutor development programme! Head to our tutor page to meet the level 2 tutors for your course.

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I’m currently on the Counselling Skills Level 2 course and so far the course has been really interesting. The tutors are welcoming, kind and knowledgeable and we have already learned a lot about active listening skills. They give detailed constructive feedback every week, both written and verbal, on how we are doing. Really looking forward to the rest of the course!

Catherine Razzell

CPCAB Level 2 Student, April 2023

“I have been with Astranti for a course now and have signed up to a second! The tutors and staff are incredible! Would recommend to anyone looking at going into Counselling.

Emma Brown

CPCAB Level 2 Student, April 2022

Find your course

At Astranti Connect, we understand the importance of providing affordable and flexible study options that cater to your needs and lifestyle.

With our instalment plan, you can spread the cost of your course over 6 months, interest-free.

Depending on your preferences and availability, you can choose between our online and classroom courses, as well as evening and daytime options.

We have multiple course locations across the UK, including Bristol, Devon, Manchester and Sheffield. However, if you can’t make it to one of our regional hubs, we have online courses which can be accessed from anywhere in the country.

Join for £125/month

Course costs:

Our course: £825
CPCAB fee: £174

Total payable: £999

Payment options:

Instalment plan: £249 deposit + 6x monthly payments of £125

Full payment: £249 deposit + 1x payment of £750

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