How can we help you?

Astranti Connect is known for providing high-quality counselling tuition. 

However, Astranti Connect is only part of the larger Astranti Group, which provides coaching and mentoring for a whole host of other topics and professions. 

Find out more about each of the Astranti Group’s teaching divisions below.

Counselling (CPCAB/BACP)

Astranti Connect specialises in high-quality counselling training.

All our CPCAB approved counselling training courses are designed and delivered by our expert team of qualified and practising therapists, who understand what it takes to work as an effective & successful counsellor.

Our people are passionate about counselling and the counselling profession. For them it’s more than a job, it’s a way of life! So if you’d like to become a counsellor, you’re in the right place.

Find out more about our counselling courses and enquire today.

Management & Leadership (CMI)

Excellent management and leadership skills are vital, whatever industry or company you work in. The Astranti Group provides courses aimed at giving you these skills, in the form of our Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification course.

With over 140,000 current members, CMI qualifications give our students the confidence, skills and techniques to go out into the world and make management better. 

All of our CMI courses come with Tutor and Mentor support, as well as complete access to both our own and CMI’s resource libraries, meaning our students get everything they need to get qualified. If you’re interested in learning more, head over to our CMI site. 

Accountancy (CIMA)

Accountancy is where it all began for Astranti.

With Nick Best (CEO) coming from an accountancy background himself, teaching was the natural progression for him, and he grew the Astranti group from there.

All our accountancy courses are focused on the CIMA syllabus (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), and help people to pass their CIMA exams.

So whether someone is starting with CIMA certificate level, sitting the CIMA case study exams, or the objective test papers, we’ve got courses and resources to help you pass.

Finance CPD & Excel

Just like many other professions, accountants are required to complete continuous professional development (CPD) from time to time.

We, therefore, created a range of (primarily) finance-focused CPD courses that can give our students a way to get started with theirs.

Over time we developed more and more courses, and are constantly releasing new courses for a whole host of different topics. Such as our Microsoft Excel course, which has been a great hit among professionals, as gaining Excel certification fills many gaps left by other qualifications that they may already have.