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CPCAB Level 5 – Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Course

About our course

After you’ve become a fully-qualified counsellor, your journey of professional development and growth shouldn’t stop there!

Through further training, you can continue to build on your existing expertise to become an even more effective counsellor and provide the very best help for your clients. CPCAB level 5 is an advanced qualification that will really let you stand out within the counselling industry and allow you to progress with your career, whether you’re looking to start or grow your own practice, earn a promotion within an agency, specialise in psychotherapy or develop your skills to improve your marketability and salary as a counsellor.

On this CPCAB course, you’ll learn many new skills, including how to perform a full assessment of existing and prospective clients and learn how to work with the social, cultural and biological factors that impact your clients. This knowledge will also prepare you for taking on a supervisory role in the future.

As with all of our courses, the level 5 course is taught in an ‘experiential’ way. This means you won’t just learn about skills and techniques, you will be encouraged to participate in practice sessions with your peers to develop and practise using the skills you will be learning. We believe that learning in this way is crucial to becoming a truly great counsellor, and it allows you to do so in a safe and caring environment.

CPCAB level 5 also forms part of the CPCAB Open University Foundation Degree progression route. So, if you want to earn a degree at the end of your studies, you’ll be a big step closer!

This course provides:

+ 132 guided learning hours
+ 46 academic credits

What you’ll learn…

Our level 5 course will give you the advice and knowledge you need to continue progressing with your counselling career.

Additionally, our course will help you to explore the requirements and the difficulties that you can face when starting your own practice and identify ways to overcome those common difficulties.

Our balance of theory-based and practical classes throughout this level 5 course will help you to:

Perform a thorough assessment of potential clients – this is crucial as you must make sure you have the resources and knowledge needed to counsel them effectively.

Ensure you have the information needed to work safely, legally and ethically as an independent counsellor. This is for your own benefit, as well as for your clients!

Market yourself effectively as a counsellor – after all, you can’t have a practice without attracting clients. We’ll show you how you can do this effectively!

Prepare for the requirements of running your own practice. Don’t let the fear of things like finance, tax and admin stop you from setting up your practice and helping others!

Why study with us?

Focused on you

  • You will have experienced counsellors supporting you at every stage of your studies
  • Our student support service, should you have any questions outside of your class hours
  • Limited group sizes, meaning your tutors are always on-hand to help and you’ll never be overlooked
  • An active online community so you can learn from and support each other

Study with confidence

  • A course accredited by CPCAB means you (and everyone else) can be confident that by the end, you will have learnt everything you need to become an exceptional counselling supervisor
  • Meet your full study requirements for level 5, with 90 learning hours and 33 academic credits
  • Every incoming course student is required to pass our pre-course assessment, meaning you’ll be surrounded by experienced students who are focused on learning, just like you

What our students say…

Here are just a few examples of reviews sent to us via email, Facebook or Google:

“I look forward to our sessions, the delivery is inspirational. I have already decided to continue my studies with the hub.

It is the right place for me.”

“The tutors are so friendly and kind and are always there to support you.

I have learnt a lot about myself since the start of the course and have made some new friends.”

“Thank you for providing such a brilliant course, I honestly have learnt so much & enjoyed every minute. This has been a huge step out of my comfort zone & I’m so pleased to have taken that leap with you guys.”

“The tutors are extremely knowledgeable, friendly but professional. The content of the course is brilliant, and the location is perfect!

I highly recommend studying here to anyone considering the Counselling profession or Personal development.”

How you’ll earn your qualification

CPCAB level 5

The great thing about undertaking a CPCAB-accredited course is that it is recognised nationally and is all focused on helping you to become the best counsellor you can be!

On the course, you will need to complete a course journal, documenting what you have learnt and how you may have applied it in practice. Your course tutor will assess you and your journal on a regular basis so that they can help you with any areas that you need to work on.

At the end of the course, you will undertake an assessment, this will then be reviewed and assessed by CPCAB.

Once you have passed your assessments you will obtain your CPCAB Level 5 Diploma.

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You can pay for the level 5 course all in one go or spread the cost over 12 months with our instalment option.

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